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26 March 2021


Structural engineer, Robert Bird Group, has won a contract for its RBG REVEAL 4D virtual environment platform to support Argent Related in the development of the £5bn 180-acre north London neighbourhood, Brent Cross Town.

RBG REVEAL that was launched by Robert Bird last November will produce a 4D model of Argent Related and Barnet Council’s masterplan to include the various stages of the infra-structure including creation of the temporary roads and the development plots to inform the construction sequencing and to avoid future programme clashes.

Jarrad Warhurst, the Robert Bird director responsible for the project said: “This is just the kind of complex project for which the REVEAL tool is perfect and is going to revolutionise Virtual Design & Construction. It is of great value to clients, contractors and project teams on building projects, as it gives project stakeholders direct access in real time to navigate, explore, interrogate, and interact with each other to enable design and construction solutions, from any angle, at any stage of construction. It can be used by both co-located teams, or teams working remotely, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere,” adds Warhurst.

Chris Dent, Construction Director for Argent Related said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Robert Bird on this new innovation. By linking our design models to the delivery programme, 4D will allow us to leverage our existing data into a far more accessible and collaborative form. Whether online working remotely or in physical meetings we will be able to rehearse our construction activities in the virtual environment and get a much clearer picture of the development from its enabling works to its occupation. By collaborating on the same platform, we can engage more effectively with our partners meaning we can design efficiently and construct safely. Visualising the project in this way gives us the power to make informed decisions on the phased build out of the scheme, as well as include live data from ‘Zero Carbon’ initiatives to ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ and capture those lessons for further phases and other developments.”

Previously known as Brent Cross South, the new development uniquely incorporates 50 acres of parks and playing fields which are central to the attraction for people to live, work and visit. Brent Cross Town will deliver 6,700 new homes for sale and for rent and will be a major new office destination. With 3m sq ft of office space, it will create a business ecosystem for 25,000 employees, offering purpose, flexibility and competitive advantage to like-minded organisations, from a broad spectrum of sectors, to come together in one location.

Matt Marsden who leads the Robert Bird Group REVEAL team says: “The RBG REVEAL platform is a major step-change in the way we interact with, develop and communicate design and construction solutions for projects. We’ve purposefully built an environment that is easy to access and easy to use, putting the power to understand challenges and communicate solutions into everyone’s hands, while also looking great doing it. But don’t be fooled – this isn’t ‘Hollywood BIM’- as it draws on the projects live data to deliver a highly accurate, interactive and intuitive 4D communication tool,” Marsden adds.


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